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salvaging millions

Secrets to Growing Your Small Business in Uncertain Times

The first edition of How To Salvage Millions From Your Small Business was published just after the Internet bubble burst. Tech stocks tumbled overnight, businesses closed, and jobs disappeared.

However, entrepreneurs who read Ron Sturgeon's book, applied the proven principles, and followed the practical business growth techniques — prospered — in spite of the down economy.

A lot has changed since 2001. Yet many business owners feel anxious about the economy and are looking for ways to thrive and grow. If you are among those who want to start or grow a small business right now…

The new updated second edition entitled How To Salvage More Millions from Your Small Business includes more than 160 practical tips and techniques for finding customers, reducing costs, managing employees for maximum productivity, and increasing your profits in any economic climate.

Ron shares all he has learned from countless consulting engagements, mentoring sessions, and his own successful business building in the expanded second edition.

As a business consultant, Mr. Sturgeon charges thousands of dollars per day and stays booked months ahead. He gets hired because he has built multi-million dollar businesses from scratch in several industries, and he’s is a gifted teacher and communicator.

Investing $14.95 for a copy of Salvaging More Millions From Your Small Business is the most cost effective way to profit from the wisdom and experience of a proven business builder. Reading Salvaging More Millions will give you the practical techniques to grow your small business in any economy.